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Silk Bridesmaid Dresses

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Silk Bridesmaid Dresses

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  • By Jelena Moro

    Sep 13,2019

    I love this dress! Its smooth, feels incredibly good on the skin, has a very nice touch and feel

  • By Rayn Hoya

    Sep 10,2019

    Simple and pretty, just once again arrived a little too big for my bridesmaid. *Update: in response to my review the shop owner has offered to help in any way with the sizing. We are just going to have them taken in to save the hassle, but the dresses are beautiful and I appreciate the quick response!

  • By Karren Robert

    Sep 07,2019

    Thank you Josh for an absolutely beautiful dress. It fits to perfection and looks just gorgeous. Its been a pleasure doing business with you.

  • By C. K.

    Aug 29,2019

    This dress is perfect! The fabric is so soft and drapes perfectly- very flattering!

  • By ashley jackson

    Aug 27,2019

    These dresses are amazing, they fit great and look even better than I could imagine. I cant wait to see all of my bridesmaids and jr bridesmaids on the big day in this beautiful flowing dress.

  • By Rebecca Elliott

    Aug 15,2019

    Exceeded my expectations! It's gorgeous and fit perfectly.

  • By Melanie Sanford

    Aug 12,2019

    It's wonderful! Great quality and exactly how it looks in the Photo puffy and all! I recommend this seller highly, he's perfect and so are him products!

  • By Rhonda Carpenter

    Aug 07,2019

    Contacted the shop because there's brown spots on the dress...I think dirt. It's a beautiful dress. I bought 3 of the same for my bridesmaids and the other two are perfect. She shop offered to refund or exchange. I asked that they cover the cleaners bill and the conversation stopped there. I haven't heard anything back.

  • By Kali

    Aug 06,2019

    It came exactly how I expected it to look! The fabric was stretchy and comfortable.

  • By Katie Rhodes

    Jul 24,2019

    If I could leave ten stars I would! I've never had a more perfect dress in my life. Extremely high quality at a great price, excellent customer service and fast shipping!

  • By Candice Boland

    Jul 21,2019

    My fabric sample shipped right on time. Seller was fantastic, will definitely order soon!

  • By Amber Robertson

    Jul 15,2019

    The order shipped earlier than I thought it would! However, the sizing was not quite right and I still had to take the dress to a seamstress to have it fitted.

  • By Presley O'Brien

    Jul 12,2019

    I received my dress last week, the dress is exactly what I wanted. Great quality and a great find.

  • By rosa reyna

    Jul 09,2019

    I was so nervous about ordering my dress online but it went so smooth. The measurements are spot on and it

  • By Alaina Granado

    Jul 07,2019

    SUPER fast ship time! Just what I ordered! Great customer service and communication! I just ordered color swatches but they still went above and beyond for me! Thank you!

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