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Lace Wedding Dresses

1973 Lace Wedding Dresses Found

Lace Wedding Dresses

CUSTOMER REVIEWS (485)Lace Wedding Dresses

Average Rating 4.67 5
  • By Jeanette

    Nov 21,2020

    The shop has been amazing so far, even though the real job hasn't even started. It's obvious that they know what they're doing, and I would be thrilled with even half the communication I've gotten from them so far. Alex has taken the time to nail down every detail with me, even down to specific lace materials being used . These workers really are something special and I'm glad to have them working with me.

  • By Gianna Newborg

    Nov 19,2020

    love the dress! i need to get cups put in for some support but the quality is amazing and it fits perfectly and such a good price!

  • By elrafferty21

    Nov 18,2020

    Very good quality dress for an amazing price. It looks great, excellent service. I got many compliment, very happy!!!

  • By Aaliyah

    Nov 14,2020

    I LOVE IT. Fits perfectly, good quality, and looks exactly like the picture. Thanks!

  • By Shelby Eistetter

    Nov 10,2020

    Absolutely LOVED this gown. It completely exceeded my expectations, was extremely comfortable and the perfect fit! I will definitely be ordering another one!

  • By Kimberly Ngo

    Nov 04,2020

    It shipped in less than a month (much earlier than expected)! The dress is beautiful and is very good quality. I highly recommend it!

  • By Katharina Haeberle

    Nov 02,2020

    Good quality for price but it didn't wow me. I am sure I will find a good use though. The lace is nice.

  • By Vivian Opacak

    Oct 27,2020

    Exactly as it looks on picture; absolutely perfect.

  • By Jasmine

    Oct 26,2020

    Better than I expected, especially the quality.

  • By Natalia Sullivan

    Oct 23,2020

    Absolutely beautiful dress exactly what I was looking for!

  • By loretta smith

    Oct 19,2020

    The color was perfect and the seller was very responsive. Fit was a little big and the length was too long so we had to make adjustments, but the pictures were still amazing!

  • By Katie Ladsten

    Oct 18,2020

    Dress was great! Loved it!

  • By Sarah Matson

    Oct 16,2020

    The dress itself was beautiful, however, it didn't arrive until 4 days later.I told them they can call me, but the customer service said I have to send emails to contact them.

  • By Slackajawea

    Oct 14,2020

    This dress is stunning and fits beautifully! It took a little longer than I expected to arrive but it was worth the wait!

  • By Yana vasilchuk

    Oct 11,2020

    Perfect fit and material is very high quality and comfortable. I loved the lace . My pictures turned out better than I could

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